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There are 28 included clock faces to choose from.  If that's not enough to keep you busy during boring staff meetings, when you sign up for the free year of MSN direct service, included when you purchase the watch, you can also sign up to download new watch faces. The basic 12 month MSN direct plan that comes free with your watch purchase includes national news headlines, local temperature information and stock indices. But for an extra $39.95 a year, the MSN Direct 'Smart Plan" allows subscribers to receive news, entertainment content, horoscopes, sports updates, weather forecasts and personalized stock and lottery information, and you can personalize the content you want to receive. And for an additional $20.00 per year, subscribers can also choose to receive calendar appointment reminders via Outlook and personal messaging through MSN Messenger. I can already hear heavy breathing of salivating geeks.

The Many Faces of the Wrist Net

You have the option of turning off the built-in MSN Direct service radio to preserve watch battery life, which is good, because the Wrist Net chews through watts like a vengeful puppy gnaws on the divan. The Wrist Net needs to be charged up every day, just like your cell phone. The Smart Watch comes with a cable-free charging station, and there are no plugs on the watch.  You just set it down on the cradle and it starts auto-charging.  But it's not a rig you want to keep near your bed at night, unless you like hearing an incessant and annoying beeping as the watch goes through its charging routine.

One very important thing I learned during this review is that as much you may look at a picture of a wristwatch or in its display case at a store, you can never know the true "personality" of a watch until you put it on your wrist; kind of like never really knowing someone until you have had sex with them.  The Fossil Smart Watch, even though it has been redesigned with a new leather strap and slimmer case from its previous version, is still one chunky monkey to roll around with. It also may as well have a TV channel; because this watch is so big you can watch a wide screen movie on it.

You go out in public wearing this big, All-Geek-Terrain wristwatch, and like driving a screaming yellow Hummer H2, you are most definitely telling everybody where you are coming from.  There is no hiding it, or from it. If you want to tell the world you are well and truly out of the geek closet, and proud of it, then, hey, the Fossil Wrist Net Smart Watch definitely has your number.


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