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Francis Vale

Casio Atomic Solar G-Shock, Cont.


Why only in the wee AM?  The reason has to do with all the daytime electromagnetic noise and clutter in the atmosphere. Late at night it's much quieter, as Rush Limbaugh has finally shut up, which makes it easier to pick up the atomic clock transmission signal sent out from Fort Collins, Colorado. Its radio signal can be picked up in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. However, Casio says to put the watch next to a window overnight to best be able to pick up the radio signal.  This may not be so good if you like to sleep with your watch on, unless, of course, you like to dangle your arm out an open window every night.

Casio Atomic G Shock Watches Come In Different Colors, Like This Blue Version

Key to this whole atomic timekeeping business is to set your home city, like New York, when you first setup your watch.  Unfortunately, the Casio watch does not have a time zone that corresponds to the Greenwich Mean Time differential of 3-5 hours, and the radio-controlled time keeping feature and World Time functions won't work in Newfoundland, Canada. Serves you right for choosing to live in that godforsaken place, anyway, I say.

There is also a manual time signal reception mode on the watch.  But living and working in downtown Boston as I do, apparently there was still too much radio blabbermouth interference as the auto-receive feature never worked.  Neither did the manual receive feature, except in one place—on the banks of the Charles River, which neatly separates the Boston Brahmins from the Commie Cambridgians. I was finally able to get the watch to manually synch up with far away Fort Collins. Maybe it was all the terminally crazed ions floating up from the polluted water that finally did it.

When you are wearing this heavy chunk of tough Casio metal on your wrist you know it. But it feels and looks good.  It has a kind of American Chopper feel about it; in your face, a macho swagger, and a competitive aura that says don't mess with me or I'll beat you silly until the G-shock meter breaks. Consider the Casio Atomic Solar G-Shock a techno-watch for geeks who want to look all macho for the first (and probably last) date.


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