Epson Stylus Photo 2200 Review, Cont.

Francis Vale

In terms of print quality, I don't care what you may have read elsewhere, the Epson 2200 rocks.  It does a fabulous job on color as well as black and white prints, especially when using the matte black cartridge and Epson's new Enhanced Matte Black paper—I defy you to find better-looking BW output from any kind of inkjet printer.

[TIP: By using the Photorealistic option with Color Controls selected under Color Management, this setting results in some reduction of the color gamut, but for B&W printing this is actually quite advantageous and will show a marked improvement in shadow detail.]


So what's not to like? Well, MacOS X Epson software support still ranks as a poor cousin to the Windows version.  And the 2200 could be faster, especially on larger prints. But this is all so much quibbling. If you are a pro or semi-pro photographer, or just a photo-geek in search of the best print quality, this fabulous photo printer delivers the goods, and how! The Epson 2200 is the printer you want--now.


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