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And if, by chance, you could even attach to a Profile 2.0 Blu-ray player a 3rd party unit with a powerful 3-D game processor that could be easily upgraded, might that possibly replace your Xbox or PS3?

Of course, Sony has its own ideas about how to hammerlock the consumer market using Profile 2.0. The company thinks the new Blu-ray 2.0 spec will totally cement its Playstation 3 market position. Of the 3.5 million or so Blu-ray players out there in the market, 3 million of them are estimated to be inside a PS3.

And guess what?  The PS3 is already Profile 2.0 compatible with its network connection, upgradeable hard drive, and its still mostly underutilized graphic processing power. Just plug and chug. You could soon have games, movies, a media server, a DVR, and who knows what else all working off your PS3.

And what about those other half million or so Profile 1.0 and 1.1 Blu-ray players already bought by early adopters? Hello eBay, or right into the dumpster.

So know you know why Sony saw the Hi Def DVD war as being way more vital to its global business than the Betamax/VHS battles of several decades ago. For Sony, Blu-ray is the key to the big enchilada—Owning the consumer market for the fully interactive, multimedia networked home.

And now you also understand why Intel and Microsoft were so firmly entrenched in the opposing HD DVD camp.  So Sony has become their worst graphical nightmare come to interactive life.

However, you can now buy internal Blu-ray players for your PC for a hundred bucks, and prices will be dropping like RAID-iated flies. That means your HTPC is profile 2.0 compatible off the bat, plus you get all that extra PC functionality.

So who gets the last laugh here?

Sometimes, it makes you crazy about who gets the last laugh.


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