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A great scaler for a true high-end home theater setup is the $6,000 (list) Faroudja DVP1080 HD Digital Video Processor. It’s big bucks, but you truly get what you pay for with the Faroudja. This company is the granddaddy of video processing and they really know their stuff.



Faroudja DVP1080 HD Digital Video Processor


For about half the price of the mighty Faroudja, check out the new DVDO iScan VP50Pro from Anchor Bay. It's the first scaler in the world to get THX certification and be HDMI 1.3 compliant. It's also the first DVDO product to have all of their VRS (Video Reference Series) technologies in one box. It lists for $3149. If you are into serious home theater it’s worth every penny.


Anchor Bay DVDO iScan VP50Pro


But for a more “real world” price of around $450 you can still get a socko scaler, like the Gefen Home Theater Scaler Plus. Gefen’s scalers are cost-effective solutions that allow different video formats to be integrated and output up to 1080p resolutions. Gefen’s Scalers are not high-end video processing scalers like the Faroudja and the Anchor Bay units.

But the Gefen scalers are still very convenient tools that enable you to integrate, access and tweak your video with very good results. They also feature dual 3D motion video adaptive de-interlacers, auto 3:2 pulldown, proprietary color enhancement engines, on-screen menu systems, and full HDCP compliance. The Gefen scaler is capable of switching between a variety of connected devices.


Gefen Home Theater Scaler Plus


So grab your game controller, plug in the scaler, and go kill some hi-def, lip-syncing aliens.


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